Friday, 25 February 2011

going to the ...

well i would like to say Zoo Zoo Zoo
how about you you you !
But and there's always a but ... we couldn't make the Zoo sadly
one it's to far away and two it's just to darn expensive with 4 kidlets in tow
that and C couldn't drive that far too ..

so instead we invaded the Art galllery yesterday.
Eldest girl had a fun time practising her photography
and taking some fab arty shots.
Twin 1 took in all the fab art in his own quiet way.
Twin 2 snapped away .. yep another budding photographer, he has a talent there .
Me and little K chatted about the people and i am proud that she knew alot of the artists work we saw !

Then we had to go take some arty snaps of this

this is my quick snap with my bag camera ... sadly i couldn't take the big camera with me
4 children plus a bag full of camera and lenses just doesn't work ;o)

A quick pop into the craft shop for some good old Hello Kitty stuff
and some Chinese fans for the girls room !

Then it was down to some shopping which went ok until Twin 1 took a turn for the worse so we came home x

That's about it for our half term ... having a man with a broken leg doesn't make days out easy .

Had planned to add some more photo's but i cannot find them !!

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Emma Kate said...

Oh it is so hard with kids and so expensive, what a wonderful hobby you and yours share though. Now mine are getting older I am glad that they love snapping away and I LOVE how easy it is these more waiting to get things developed!