Sunday, 6 February 2011

all about ..

(i added the daffs as the knee pictures are grim)

so as you may have worked out things have been a bit odd around here
My hubs to be C fell at the start of Dec 2010
he had a huge haematoma on his knee
which had to be removed by quite invasive surgery
followed by lots of rest and then physio.
As you can guess this was a nightmare especially as it is one of my busiest times
work and home wise !

Normally at this time C takes over a lot of the home jobs for me so i can sew like my life depends on it but no i became some made sewing shopping nursey type woman !

So Christmas was a very quiet time here at KE HQ
no partying on NYE either lol
skip forward a few weeks and physio seems to be helping
then right on cue we had a very cold frosty icy (slippy)evening
and yes you guessed it he slipped on the driveway .

I knew straight away it was bad but until he had been x-rayed and then given an MRI
we didn't realise how bad .. basically he has had to have a partial knee reconstruction.
He was in hospital for over a week this time, before we could break him out and this is where we are at now !

so if you wonder why i am dipping in and out of blogging this should explain why .. i am not slacking off eating cake this time xx


Poppy Cottage said...

Blimey, that was bad. I hope the recovery goes well and you still manage a little bit of 'me' time. Here looking forward to warmer weather and NO MORE ICE!!

Lynsey said...

Yikes, poor hubby! :( Hope he has a quick and easy recovery xxx

Paula said...

I hope your husband has a speedy recovery so both your lives can go back to normal as soon as possible :-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ouch, I hope your hubby is ok and you are too - make sure you get some time to yourself at some point. x

♥ flutter ♥ said...

Blimey indeed, you need to put that hubby to be in a straight jacket and wheel chair, he is a danger to himself lol!!!.. But I do sympathize he must be in awful lot man pain.. I know how by how much my dear old mums crickety knees give her jip and hubby to be well it's much much worse.

Lets hope the physio will give him a helpful hand or two for a quick and speedy recovery.

And lets hope you dont burn out being Mrs Jack of all trades xx Happy you time x

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Oh Dear - you have had your hands full... I hope you have been appreciated by Mr C...

Take care busy lady