Wednesday, 29 December 2010

balancing act ...

its the same old story often talked about in blogland !
What am i talking about ... yes that old monster
the work life family balance !

At the start of December in the throws of manic-ness
Chris had quite a serious accident, this meant that i had to basically
look after Chris after his surgery
look after the children
look after the house
run the business
all by myself !
yeah i know lots of us do that but when you all work as a team
and a major team member is not there then the whole thing goes to pot !

So after lots of stress we made it through xmas
but it has made me see things must change

I NEED to get this balance thing sorted !
I NEED to be able to work without feeling guilty that i should be cleaning house !
I NEED to clean house or visit friends or god forbid go shopping with out feeling i should be working !

So it is time to make a simple plan .. too complicated and it will just fail !

all i can say is wish me luck as this is going to be hard work ;o)

Sara xx


daisy daydreams said...

Sara, when you have made 'the plan' any chance of me having a sneek preview. Its true, how do you get the balance right, Im still working on it. Amanda....x

Danielle said...

maybe you could write a little instruction list for the "simple plan" and pass it around - good luck!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh yes I remember that feeling far to well. Can you maybe set up a schedule for work time, family time etc as if you were going out to an office to work? That way you feel more in control and hopefully less guilty :-)

saraeden said...

Thanks for your comments ... i shall share my plan with you all :o)

Am also going to do the budget thing again too ... may as well start the New Year with a new me lol xx

Button Patch said...

It's such a skill to learn how to balance our lives. One that I continually need to work on. Good luck with your plan.

Annie said...

I just started to follow your blog and I haven't read all of your posts yet but I can already say that your problem is pretty similar to mine. Thinking only about the duties and just can not enjoy life just because of the work.

Good luck with the plan and happy New Year's Eve! :)