Tuesday, 14 September 2010

a breakdown

no no not me !

this is a breakdown of one of my products

there has been lots of talk around twitter/blogland/facebook lately about pricing and costing !

So lets look at a badge

if i sell these at anything from £3.75 to £3.95 myself
(i would like to charge more
but i do not have NAME to charge higher prices yet) !

so lets break this down
  1. postage ... a large letter stamp which is 6o+p
  2. a padded envelope .... 12p
  3. tissue card and treat .... 10p
then there is
  1. my time and travelling to the post office and back ...!!
  2. paypal costs if it is an internet sale !
and thats before you work out the cost and time of making each badge
so as you see i am not going to make my millions from this :o}

I have tried to pop up my prices a little but sadly i am not big and famous enough to do this !
I wish i was and could produce enough stock to go bigger
but then you get into the trade show thing, a whole new barrel of fish !

Ooops i forgot to come back and finish this post !

Bad back is starting to get on my nerves ... literally !
I am now having to rest and relax ... ha ha ha in this house theres not much chance of that !
So i may be here a lot more but those posts may be very boring
you cannot win can you lol !

Sara x


A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'm glad you clarifyed that! I read the title and thought 'whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?'

Jackie said...

You make me feel a bit mean as there are no 'treats' in my packages. I reckon I'm getting little enough for the things I make. Funnily enough I was going to do the same...how to make a felt and velvet brooch...first dye your velvet , then make your felt, etc.
But its too depressing.
I dont know how that company who make silk button badges ( beginning with s and ending in osity) make any money when they sell things for £3.95 in galleries.I've just been to the post office and seen they are selling handmade cards for £3.50. There's hours of work in them and the maker must be getting just over £1.50.
I could go on.
But I'm too busy!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

The whole pricing thing seems very complicated. Finding myself with no little children at home soon in the day would love to start making and selling some of the things I make over the internet. But I find it hard to even begin to know what to charge. And the whole posting issue has me confused. Particularly if you are sending abroad. Should you include all this in the price or not. It puts me off which is a shame as its something I would love to do.

Glad it wasnt you having a breakdown!