Wednesday, 22 September 2010

be who you are

no i am not off on one of those tangents again !
I often chat to people about what they make and how they wish things were busier /more famous / earning more etc !
I still do this myself ... if i hear of a fair or opportunity i have missed
i often think bugger i missed that and so and so didn't !
I see things and think mmmmm i should of taken that step .. a big step often too bigger step for me at the time but something in my head still pokes me and say oi you missed that again !

So this is where i head back to the title
be who you are !

love your work ... which i do
love yourself .. this i am struggling with lol
be you ... don't try to be anyone else just be yourself !

I am finally at a stage where i am happy with most of my work
i am thrilled that i have had my work in several magazines .. a dream that i never thought would happen !
My work is in many shops and on many websites .. i often think more would be nice but truthfully i am stretched with what i have already so more would just be silly !


Jackie said...

Good to hear it...but how did you get your 22nd September blog post out on Tuesday 21st?

saraeden said...

It is good to love what you do .. :o}

I havent a clue what i did apart from schedule the post for Wednesday but blogger decided it should be seen from Monday ;o}

Sara x x

Emma said...

Good for you x

Esther said...

Hey, we've got the same blog background now. It was bound to happen, choosing a blogger design.

This is a timely reminder that I have to keep telling myself when I look around my old house which was all we could afford at the time (eveen though I love old) and my sister's just finished building a new, modern one. Oh, those clean lines and fresh paint. I have to look at the good in my house (and life) like the irreplacable character and solid build.

The Birdwatcher said...

Awesome progress, but is the dream any closer?

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this post, its waht i needed to read today x