Friday, 10 September 2010

back to school

yes its all back to school now ... well apart from me !

yes after much soul searching i have given up my swimming assistant job
my little business is getting busier and as you mums out there know
we cannot really be in two places at once ... it is just not possible !

I shall miss the children and of course the fab swimming teacher but needs must !

On the last day of the holiday we all headed off to Manchester to buy all those last minute things and of course to visit the Mummies at the museum !
The little K loves everything about Egypt and had such fun finding things she new about
i do have photo's but the are on everyone elses phones or camera ;o}

The rest of the week has flown past in a blur
The children seem happy to back at school and able to see their friends !
The eldest girl is now a Prefect even if Little K says it should say perfect ;o}

Me well i am still struggling with my back and the massive work list i have
oh to have some staff to help me .... maybe one day it would be fab !

Right must dash i have a date with cupcake brooches and badges today !

Sara x


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Its nice when your children settle back into school nicely.

Pretty brooch too! It sounds like things are working out for you and your business. Hard work but rewarding too I should imagine.Wishing you lots of future success.


carol at home said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge (no pun intended) with the business, it's bound to go from strength to strenght now you can devote more time to it.

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

juggle juggle, mum, kids, business, time...its so hard we are all with you on this just keep going & it will keep happening xxx