Friday, 13 August 2010

How & what

I know i know its Friday but just a little something to think about over the weekend !!

How much do you charge for your products ?
Why is there such a gap between some makers / sellers ?
Why is there such a gap between online web shops and the high street ?

Now i don't want you too share all your secrets i just mean on an overall look at the pricing thing !

Are you happy with what you charge ... do you in your heart feel you should charge more ?

So i know these questions get asked alot by those that make and sell,
but i see such a wide spectrum of prices ...
some way to low ... some seem a little too high !
It is a flaming minefield to be honest .

I talk to people who like me are trying to make a living from their craft
and it seems they have the same problem !

So where am i going with all this well i suppose its a plea to those out there to value their work first of all !
Which i still feel i need to do more myself !

Its a couple of questions as to how you work your way through the minefield that is pricing but i suppose really its just me hoping get it down on paper as such will help clear it up in my poor " over stuffed with facts and figures that they are pushing out the new idea's " head !!

Sara x


Kitschy Coo said...

Pricing is a flipping minefield! It makes me so frustrated when I see people who underprice their wares, not just for them but for everyone who is trying to make money out of handmade. It devalues the time and effort required for individual goods and it gives the entire handmade market the feeling that they should be competing with the mass-market on price (as well as giving consumers that impression as well).

Sorry, it's a bee in my bonnet! Oh, and I've blogged about almost all of the same questions here (including how to price your handmade goods)... Just if anyone was interested in my two cents!

Cheap2Chic said...

I went to a village craft fair where a lady was selling pretty hand-made cotton and lace tissue holders for your handbag. These were complete with the tissues and priced at 45p. Crazy eh? xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

The trouble is that you need to cover costs but at the end of the day if its a price that the customer is not willing to pay then there is little point in making the item... I think there could be 2 camps of crafters those who make things and sell them because they love it and want to cover the cost of the materials so that they can make more and those that make because they want money and to earn a living from it... but at the end of the day your item is only worth what someone out there will pay for it...

its a headache to be sure!

x Alex

saraeden said...

It's good to hear what people think !

For me as a fulltime designer maker i still wish handmade was taken more seriously by the high street and by the people who buy it and those that think it should be cheap as its not mass produced which i find very sad !

keep those comments coming

Sara x

Nic said...

Urgh don't get me started! You know this really winds me up with all of my 'How much is this person selling for on Folksy' tweets on a regular basis ;)

Leanne said...

It's the same in North America. I'm in Canada and have the same issue. I haven't got any of my wares up now (only 3 kids home for summer break and i can't get anything done!) But people seem to like less quality for mass, China mass produced product. It can really get you down, but I keep getting out there and I think it's just a smaller market now than it used to be.
I love your pictures! Makes me want to travel to your side of the world.