Thursday, 8 July 2010


now steady on i have spelt it right ...i want to talk about my pea's !

Last year we grew pea's i know that because they said they were pea's not that you would guess it they looked like some kind of miniture mutant triffid like thing !

Sorry no pictures of them i was too ashamed at the time !

Now this year they are fab

i know i say fab too much and funky too but heyho that's just me
Oh and must add the kids think i say cool too much as well but that's drifting of subject !

So back to the pea's
this years good weather has given us what should be a bumper crop
We are also a wee bit over run by lettuce and touchwood should have enough red onions to see us through the winter !

Now can you pickle lettuce i wonder lol x

oooh quick question

What would you like to see on my blog ?
any questions you have ?
any tutorials you would like to see ?

For some reason blogger has deleted both of the comments when i tried to delete a spammy one ... sorry about this but i shall do a machine embroidery post soon x x


Nellie Dean said...

I would love to see machine embroidery. I have tried a little bit of it but all tips are welcome!

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

oh I'm jealous, I too did peas very badly last year, all pods & no peas so decided not to bother this year. Looking at your thriving ones maybe I should have, if only you could Folksy them for me to purchase !!!

Nellie Dean said...

Can't wait for the tutorial, thanks! :)