Saturday, 20 March 2010

making a start

This week has been about getting orders for people finished and posted out
which at this time of the year is a bit of hard work as Valentines then Mother's day
and next Easter are all so close together !
Most shops also like to get their stock in nice and early
so people can get their treats in time !
My little business is starting to move up a gear which is fab
but also very hard work too .
I am trying not to let my blogging suffer but sadly
it has .
I would update more but i think you would all get bored with me rambling about anothers day sewing .
So i thought Saturday night was a good night to tell you a bit
about what else i have done this week ... so apart from sew some of these

and a few of these

i have made a start on some jobs around the house and garden ...
the new veg bed has been dug over ,
our awful conifers are no more and it makes the house look much bigger !

I have shopped for some lovely new plants and a pretty hanging basket filled with violas !

My darling hubs to be have been making a big effort to
spend a litle more child free time together which is lovely .
This week we managed a little shopping which is so different when there are just two of us .

We have also been looking at shops but the one we like is just needing more work than we can
afford but we are still looking for that right place !

I have also popped out for coffee which turned into
over 3 hours of giggly girly coffee drinking which was fab :)

The kitchen is coming along slowly and we have made a start on the rest of the house which is looking a little less chic and a lot more shabby ;)

Well before you all drift off i shall leave you with the promise of a return soon x x x

oh forgot to add you can find me here too and there is a little comp to


LoloDesigns said...

Things are going well for you, and so they should, you make some lovely things. Went to look at a little shop near me, £7000 a year, not sure i am brave enough though!

Hope you find a little shop of your own soon. xx

claire said...

really pleased things are going well for you. I shall be making a little announcement of my own this week...but I knbow what you mean about the shop committment...its a biggie financially even when you know everything else is right xxxxx

saraeden said...

LoloDesigns and Clare .. sadly the shop needs over £2000 to make it right for me ! Then there is the deposit and fittings etc so its a bit too much of a risk at the mo but have my eye on somewhere else !

Sara x x

p.s. Clare ... looking forward to hearing your news :)

claire said...

ooh MaryP has just told me I was number 175 on your fb fan page!!!

melanie said...

You have been busy! I love your sewing creations, so cute. xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Really pleased things are going well. You seem so busy.

Pastor Ton said...

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sanjeet said...

Hope you find a little shop of your own soon.
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alison said...

Hi from a fellow Derbyshire Crafter (LoveHector)

I follow you on Facebook and love your work so thought I'd add your blog to my ever growing list!

Loving the Easter pieces.


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