Wednesday, 3 February 2010

what do you get

If you mix all of these

all together in my head

and then let me at the felt and fabric ?

Well if you want to know i shall show you in the morning !


More news i now have a new floor in my kitchen , i can walk around in my socks and not have my poor feet turned to ice blocks ... there may also be photo's of the floor to if i can find it under the pile of washing that has erupted from my kidlets rooms , bags etc !

Oh and did i tell you i have made a mahooosive purchase of what may be the biggest button buying ever to hit the Kitty eden household :)

Anyway i am off to bed to dream of buttons x x x


noelle said...

I love buttons too, and can sit for ages just looking at them and picking them up and messing with them! am i sad!? x x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

don't you just love picking the buttons up and letting them run through your fingers like sand?.... oh ... am I just really wierd then!?