Tuesday, 22 September 2009

todays list

Yes i need to write my list here in a hope that i will get to the bottom of the list each day !!

Work is very busy and again i have some more exciting news in a week or two !
I am also looking forward to meeting my little trip away and the chance to meet someone i have talked to so much over the phone but never met !!

So here's the list

  1. finish another batch of 20 bags !!
  2. clean fridge ... how do they get so messy ?
  3. add some new items and update website !!
  4. make some stock for fair box ...
ok so there are only a few things and my lists are normally like a copy of war and peace but its a small start :)

I have lots of new things to add to the website and a newsletter to make and ... omg its another list !!

One thing i must do tonight is catch up with all your lovely blogs x x


Michela said...

Oh! "exciting news", such lovely words! How annoying cleaning the fridge, isn't it?!

Rose Charles said...

Hi Sara,

Oh all our lists just keep growing! One thing gets done and another four jump on... lol

I avoid cleaning the fridge most of the time... Just removing anything that is looking like it's on it's way out! Mine is well overdue a thorough scrubbing!

Looking forward to your exciting news :-)

Rose XXX

Hilda May said...

Gosh it sounds very exciting......can't wait.....fridge..what fridge?
Rachel x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

If you find the answer as to why fridges get so mucky can you tell me?!

clare's craftroom said...

Hope you've ticked off everything from your list , take care .