Thursday, 6 August 2009


yes i have lost a day were did yesterday go ?

( this was taken a few years ago please ignore the date my old camera had a mind of its own !!)
I seem to be playing catch up this week as usual , we have 2 birthdays tomorrow yes its the twins 11th birthday , they are growing so quickly !

Today has been filled with all those mundane home chores , i am not a lover of food shopping but hey it has to be done ! I love cooking but just wish the ingredients would just appear in the cupboard magically ;) i hoped to get all the housey jobs done today so we can enjoy tomorrow but i have to be honest and say i have failed the downstairs needs cleaning still and my kitchen is full of wet washing mmmm domestic goddess i am not !!!!

What else have we been doing well ...
i sorry we as in me and himself have been tearing our ok my hair out trying to get some good product shots thankfully the camera batteries went flat or i think we would be on the vodka by now !!

We managed these but now i need close up's and then some with a plain background ohhhh joy !

See you tomorrow for Folksy Friday x

Oooooh the giveaway is still open x x x x x


Mollimoo said...

I think your product photos look lovely! Very fresh & very pretty, just like your designs always are...crikey, sounds like I'm after your giveaway & I haven't even entered! x

Mollimoo said...

woopsie! ignore that last bit, I have entered already! What a muppet! x

Cal said...

The things you make are so lovely. Hope the twins and you all have a great day tomorrow. x

Rose Charles said...

Hi Sarah,

You do sound busy!
And you have to be the third person in the last 24hrs whose blog I have read who is suffering from domestic discontent on the housework front!

I think there are a lot of hard-working mummies in blogland who are very much needing the school holidays to come to an end for 5 mins peace!

Your pics look fab :-)
Although I know from my own camera, close-ups can be a nightmare! (and more than frustrating if the camera is not playing the game!)

fingers crossed they turn out ok, before the vodka becomes a necessity!

Rose XXX