Sunday, 7 June 2009

so now im back but dont worry im not going to sing the rest !!!!!

be prepared i waffle a lot .... get a cup of tea , turn down the cooking and keep the smelling salts handy for the odd swear word ;0)

Never ever again
will i ask one of my beautiful offspring to do anything that may involve LISTENING !!

Can you collect the washing for me i ask ... yup they answer !! Can you check the pockets and make sure my beautiful PIF brooch is not on my jumper pleeeeaaaassssseeee ... yup mum !!

Skip to a few hours later hanging out my jumper mmmmm whats that lump on the inside ??
Oh bl&*dy hell its my lovely brooch ...... ohhhhhh kids !!

So yes it was my own stupid fault and i couldn't really shout at them as i am the adult and its my job really i just thought i would give them a teeny tiny midgy ickle bit of responsibility ( who the #$%^ am i kidding ) and maybe ease my daily load of chores !!

anyway after the initial tears mine of course i kinda like it , ok its not as super nice as when it first arrived and it has taken a flipping lifetime to get around to doing a proper post but honestly my bum has hardly left the sewing pit of despair
( calling it this at the moment as it looks like a heard of fabric throwing sheep have run through there ... twice !! )

So i am going to repeat my PIF offer and you will get one of these as the gift so give me chance to get back to normal what ever that is !!

Saturday rainy day summer fair ...... was a great day even if it rained and we were inside instead of out in the backing hot sun that we had last weekend mmmmmm grumpy much !!
Yes i had lots of lovely sales and even more lovely comments including the usual teenage screams of joy at the " cute stuff "

So yea it was worth all this weeks hard work and i now i have to do it all again for this coming Saturday !!!! I also have two orders to get out in the next day or so , just a few things left to finish and away they go !!


Anonymous said...

I think kids do things like that so you never ask them again !
Men also do it !

Glad the Craft fair went well .Well worth all the hard work .

Love from sesga xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh how annoying is that! still if any of your brood complain that you dont give them enough responsiblility you will this story to back you up! lol. But is is so frustrating when things like that happen.

Glad everything went ok for the fair on saturday even though the weather didnt play nice! typical. Makes all that hard work worthwhile.

Have a good week.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

OH dear... thats a shame but its kinda cute in a quirky sort of way...

I am currently banging my head against a concrete wall at the moment with my pubescent 11 year old daughter...

What is the going rate for pocket money anyway!?

I feel a post coming on... ;D

glad your sale went well and good luck for the next one

hugs Alex