Saturday, 13 June 2009


Well its looking like my blog updates are going to be weekly for the next few weeks , i have so much to do sewing wise never mind everything else !
I am struggling with my blogging too , i don't want to bore you all with lots of ooooh i made this and this and that and you can buy them here but that's all i have at the moment !

You see this week has been lots of sewing no surprise there then , a bit of shopping mainly for fabric mmmm no surprise there either .... you see that's all i do sew !!

Today we got up early to go to one of the loveliest school summer fairs i do . It was at a pretty little place called Buxworth , i have been here before and its great because everyone is so laid back !!
We had another good day and i must report sales were very good .... yay !!

I have sold a few things this week including some more flower brooches iam down to 2 now so that's my treat for tonight a tub of Kellys of Cornwall clotted cream ice cream and a box of teeny tiny bits of fabric , we know how to live it up on a Saturday night i tell ya !!!

I also sold a few of my summer fair special smock type dresses / tops (a bit of a different style from last summer) which i love to make but find the whole thing mind blowing with sizes and such like , they are not ever on the cards for mass handmade production that's for sure .

I will make some more of the tie on ones i prefer them so much and i have tweaked the pattern to within an inch of its life as such !!

Must dash as i have to go and try and draw up a baby hat pattern x x x

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Bluebell said...

Well done with the sales and enjoy your ice cream (my fave!) x