Friday, 22 May 2009

Half term

At last its the half term holidays , i soooo need this break we have tons to do and now i am crippled with pain again ( sorry to share this again ) . I have decided to go and pester the doctor again to see if they can finally do some thing as i cannot put up with this much more ... oh i sound like a proper mard don't i !
Anyway its starting to hold me back work wise as i cannot sew while on the pain killlers for obvious reasons ... seems i cannot spell either but hey ho !!

Want to go back to bed this mornng but i have to crack on !!!
Have to update this as i feel much better now and want to try and be positive about things after all things could be a lot worse and i feel lucky to be able to get on ( if sometimes its in a drug induced stupor.... i have to add its all legal and all that ) with my day !!
I have a good life , an easy life really i mean i stroke fabric sorry i mean sew all day !!
My days are filled with the search for pretty buttons and the like .... yes no more moaning !!


So did i just come here for a winge no of course not i came to show you these they came from the lovely Pixie dust ( links escape me this morning )

and look at this cute peg bag .. finally somewhere nice to put my pegs

there are more photo's and i would love to be able to load them on to the forum but i cannot seem to get them to load but i will manage it but maybe i should wait till the pills wear off !!
They are all just lovely and i like them sooooo much x x x

I must and will get my packages sent out this weekend so if you are waiting i will get it done !!


Mandy said...

Sorry your in so much pain xxx Get to the doctors and get something done xxxxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

So sorry to hear that you have been in pain. Hope the Dr's can sort things out for you.

Lovely pressies from Pixie Dust there.

Hope things get better for the weekend.


Lydia said...

No, you are not a mard - pain is wearing both physically & emotionally - though you sound perkier now.... Look after yourself - hope the GP can sort it out for you.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are feeling a bit better :-)

it is not fun to be in pain at all :-(

lovely pixie dust goodies :-)

Rose XXX

saraeden said...

Awwww thank you all , i am feeling much better now !!