Saturday, 11 April 2009

plain & simple

well its half way through the holidays !
we have had lots of packages of new fabric !
my dp got me some lovely heavy shears for my early Easter pressie .. thank you x
we have had good days and bad days !
i have worked and finished a commission which
has seen me get back to my much loved applique & free motion stitching !

I have also made up some pump / drawstring bags not very challenging but they are something i get asked for at every fair i do so some have been made and some more are yet to be finished !

I have some work to get on with as i am a little late getting my shops stocked up plus i have had problems getting to post out things this weekend i should hopefully catch up on Monday and all my back orders will be winging there way to their new homes !!

Next week i hope to do lots of playing with applique etc

and some stitching by hand

so that i can fill up the website again !

Have a lovely Easter weekend
x x x x x


Thecraftytrundler said...

Beautiful makes, and scrummy colour combinations!!

Happy Easter & Happy Crafting!!!!

Sharon xx

Flossie and Tom said...

Happy Easter Sara

Lovin the fabric


Anonymous said...

Hi, yes, you can only do one PIF at a time (I have just made up that rule now so there you go!) I still have space for one more if anyone else wants to join in - please pop over to my blog.

Hope you are having a great Easter weekend,

Kate x

Mr Lee said...

Lovely,What beautiful makes!Lucky you.Welcome to our blog

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...