Monday, 20 April 2009

back to skool !!

Yes today was a back to skool day
I do love having the kidlets at home but wow does it make gettin around hard work
especially when your DP is away all the time !!
Himself is on a training course all week
so i am all on my own which i suppose is a dry run as from Friday he is away for 10 ish days
mmmmm im not sure how it will all go as it will be the longest we have been apart in 6 years
oh yes he comes home on the day before our 6 yrs together anniversary !!!

So anyway less moaning me , today was gorgeous
everyone went back to skool with a spring in their steps
I have done some sewing
some gardening
some tidying

Yesterday was boot sale dash ,
think trolley but without the trolley oh and without the supermarket !!
Yes i had 1 whole hour to get myself around the boot sale and find treasures !!

I did find nice treasures too !
Buttons all yummy and on their original cards ,
i am still kicking myself that i didn't but the whole tin
i only bought 20 strips ;o)
I got a lovely piece of vintage fabric and some pretty ribbon too !!


Mandy said...

Nothing else needs to be said!
I too went back to skool today!

LittleGem said...

Love your new fabric and ribbon. Ooh and your neatly folded pile at the top :) I bet your stash is just gorgeous - I can tell from the yummy scraps you sent me! X

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Have you ever noticed that those of us who treasure hunt only experience "Buyers' Remorse" for the things we DIDN'T buy, not the ones we bought? :O)Love your blog, Kind Regards, Sue

Anonymous said...

Yummy fabric and ribbon ,well done you .
I had a good day at the car boot I will post later show and tell.

From sesga xx

louise35flower said...

I really need to track down a car boot sale near here everyone seems to getting great stuff from them!

Jude said...

Cor blimey! What a lovely fabric and gorgeous ribbon..good luck with kiddies!

The sewing room said...

What lovely pretties you found,oh i do love car boots,i do the same as you regret not buying something when i get home and then i could kick myself.


Jackie said...

I loved it when mine went back to school, but only when I wasn't teaching too...I found that incredibly depressing.
I was never a 'born' teacher.

Swirlyarts said...

OK - I NEED to know where this car boot sale is please!

saraeden said...
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Elaine said...

OOOOO Fabric AND ribbons *drooling profusely*

Love and blessings