Tuesday, 24 March 2009

It was all going sooo well

and then disaster struck !!!
This gorgeous man in my life got a bit tense

so the Jones man himself has gone to the poorly sewing machine hospital !!
I did the kindest thing and popped him in the truck this morning and over the hills to Macclesfield we went , i think he was relieved as i tried to make him better last night and the whole house stank of wd40 ... my magical repair spray when i had done .
Yes i do need to get out more and not just to the fabric shop !!
So while my other man is out of commission i have got the Brother (better known as plastic fantastic because its not) out and brushed off the cobwebs ... literally !
We had a little chat and between us we have made up a drawstring bag .

Today i did manage to score some very cute quilt sets which will be used for bags etc
i would show you but its nearly dark here so that will be another thing to add to the must do list !

Off to checkout the open university courses as i obviously have toooo much time to spare
I am thinking about History or maybe Geography mmmmm what to choose

Sara x


louise35flower said...

Poor Jonesy do hope he's feeling better soon!

Mandy said...

I am sure Jonesy will be back home soon, try to remember the good times.... LOL

Tracey said...

His cousin Crafty Jones,(who is also full of wd40!) sends his love!

Josie-Mary said...

Hope Jonesy is back on form soon :)

Hollypop's said...

Hope he is back up to full speed soon. There's nothing more frustrating, at least you have a spare. My sewing machine is a bit like my computer, I dread anything going wrong with it, I can use it really well, but when it goes wrong I fall to bits!
Take care.

The sewing room said...

So sorry your Jonesy is out of action perhaps he needed a break like us so when he returns all oiled and refreshed he will give you many more years of good service,sew untill then have a good week best wishes Pat.

Anonymous said...

Did you go today? Is it true? Kate xx

thriftymrs said...

Hope he is feeling better soon.
Mine has packed up after not much use. Pah!

Lynsey said...

Oh no, get better soon Jonesy!!

Pixiedust said...

Hi Sara, got the parcel yesterday. Its lovely thankyou sooooo much, I will be having boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast saturday so I can use it. Will do a post on my blog later and put up a pic. Thanks again, (((((hugs))))) Pixie xxxx

claire said...

popped over to say hello - will add you to my blog list so I don't miss any :)
gorgeous cheery photos...sad about your machine though xxx

RubyMay said...

oh I know how you feel...I love my Singer 99k ( affectionately known as Dame Nellie !) to bits and I would be gutted if it packed up ! I hope Jonesy is well now !