Wednesday, 11 March 2009

hey little chicken

so here we are the little egg cosy you can win in my giveaway
it looks sooo much cuter in real life but i think you can see it has a cute appliqued
egg with a lining made from some chicken fabric !!
so if you want to be in with a chance to win it and a little choccy treat too
please just leave a comment x x x

As i have a pamper evening on Friday i am a bit busy sewing so there's not much more to show apart from sewing .....
this one reminds me of jelly tots !!

ready for my close up

more eggy cosys in production

more flower brooches

for Mothers day gifts

and i have a mahoooosive list to finish before Friday
plus some jobs to finish up and a certain girlie is a big 14 on Friday too

now where did i put that time machine x


Flossie and Tom said...

They are all beautiful, I hope I win.

Did you get my postal order, I posted first class on Monday.


madmummy said...

Oooo, how lovely!

Good luck for Friday (and getting everything done...!!)

xxx Steph

Rachel said...

Your egg cozies are all so cute! Have fun at your pamper evening, hope you manage to get everything done!

driftwood said...

everything is so pretty, to welcome in spring !

Pixiedust said...

Lovely cosies. Hope you get through your list of chores, enjoy your pamper evening. xxx

Lynsey said...

Ohh all so sweet and delightful!!
Are you really a mum to a 14 year old? Wowsers! Mind you, 4 more years and me too, eak!! Time has flewn too fast!! Enjoy your pamper evening xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the little cosy, and I could definately do with a time machine, do you stock those too?

Good luck at your pamper evening...

X Alex

nicki said...

And a girl of 14....eeek!

as for the egg cosies...they're lovely. Boiled eggs are so much better in a nice egg cup, on a pretty plate with an egg cosy.
I tried to make a rabbit one, but it went horrifically wrong...looked like a monster and made my girls scream (not really!)....but it was SO ugly!
Enjoy the pamper.

Nicki x

MelMel said...

How cute it is!
Lovely....beautifully made!

Thank you for popping in!xx

Josie-Mary said...

I've never had an egg cozy & this one is lovely. Good luck with finishing all your jobs :)

Lyn said...

Ohthe pressure!!!
Hope you get them all finished on time. The are very cute-are they note fiddly to do?
love Lyn

Lyn said...

Goodness- I MUST start reading my comments BEFORE I post them!
Sorry about the above spelling and spacing!

Greedy Nan said...

You have been so busy I expect you're running out of space so I'll be magnanamous and take one of your hands ...

sharie said...

How very sweet. Makes me think of boiled eggs and toasted soldiers dipped in....

Kelly said...

love how the cozies are all looking! so very cute x