Monday, 16 March 2009

Can you have tooo much pink ??

Now that's a question i ask myself daily !

Now if you are wondering were this came from then let me just say ,
i needed to bring back the girlie look .
It suits my business style now matter what else i try i
always drift comfortably back to pinkness .
So i have taken the plunge and managed to do a bit with my website and i think i like it !!!
I have made the blog match a little bit and now i am off to up date my business plan .
My meet up with the man from the business link went well ...
thank you sooo much for your help .

So go have a look at the website and tell me what you think
oh and get your name down for the giveaway !!
Off with the girlie to Manchester tomorrow for some girlie time
back with photo's and shopping buys soon x x

oh and if you wonder why the flower photo
its because i have added it to my website all by myself ... impressed yes !!!


thriftymrs said...

You can NEVER have too much pink, ever!

Anonymous said...

I agree, pink is always good and the website looks great.

kleinzonnetje said...

The website looks really great! I agree with the other two comments, if you're a pink kind of girl, then there's no such thing as too much pink!

Lynsey said...

The website looks lovely...and too much pink? Never!! =) xx

Lydia said...

Well I think your Pink looks fabby! Have alovely girls day tommorrow & I'm glad the meeting went well...

Love Lydia xx

DM09 said...

Hi Sara, have been trying to contact you via your website but the contact via e-mail option appears to not like my e-mail address!
I love your website and your product range and was wondering where in Derbyshire you are based? I am a WAHM and am just about to launch my own business - see - there could be a great link opportunity!
Hope to chat to you soon.

Holly said...

Congrats on the website techness! I think it looks great :)

mollycupcakes said...

The website looks fab honey and no you can never have enough pink lol

Enjoy your girlie day, look forwar dto seeing the photos.


Catherine x

LoloDesigns said...

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck with your website. It looks really great, will be visiting it frequently. x

Ali ~ Betty & Violet said...

Good luck with your website ~ it looks really pretty! Pink is good, and you can never have too much of a good thing...

Bertie x said...

Hello Sara, I've just popped onto your website, and i think it looks great. And as for pink, well I am a big fan.
Bertie x