Tuesday, 10 February 2009

De-clutter bug

oh have i cleared out some things , i have about 10 big bags for recycling !!
My wool pile is getting smaller thanks to some bloggers who have taken some of it off my hands !
I have posted some out already and there is still more to go on Thursday morning !
I have sewn look see

this pouch is finished i have also finished the boat and bee pouch too !!

In a bid to be organised i have made
this for my little nephew's Easter pressie

not the best picture but it was starting to go dark .

I am going to make all the kids one of these
each with different stitchery words ,
i hope they will like them !
I want to try and make something gifty for the family each time i sew and that way i should be all prepared !!!


Pink Stitches said...

Hello! You have been busy!
Love the cute little stitched cupcake. Is that all free hand stitching?

Melanie said...

i love love love your cupcake pouch

Pink Feather Paradise said...

THose pouches are so versatile, I really must sit down and follow your tutorial...the cupcake is gorgeaous and I love the egg cosy!
I wish I could boil an egg.... stupid I know but it is always hard yolk, or runny white!

X Alex

pink-petal-designs said...

Love the cupcake pouch n the egg cosy is soooo sweet !
x x

mollycupcakes said...

Loving that cupcake pouch, my mobile would fit in that a treat, is it on Etsy? or Folksy?
Good job honey on the post above, i will be making a couple of children's baking sets and emailing the toy one.
You have a big heart and a wonderfully caring side Sara.
Catherine x