Friday, 30 January 2009

What's in the bag Sara ?

that's the question i got asked today
as i jumped in the car after school

now i think i need to back track a little
firstly Friday is my swimming assistant afternoon which i love !!
When i finished today i had 20 mins to spare so i met himself and left him with my swim bag
saying i am just popping to the shop and off i went sneakily to the new charity shop !!
Oh its so wonderfully full of treasures of all kinds and lately it has some of my best type of treasure so yes you can guess whats in the bag

yes yes i admit it , its got fabric in it
but its so lovely and it is vintage darling
so as soon as its washed and ironed i will show you all !!

I shall try and get the next tutorial done as well but i have to go and see some new customers to be tomorrow ... fingers crossed they will love my things and want to stock them !!


Jackie said...

Sara - I might have read your last post wrongly, but...... I thought you were trying to get rid of fabric!! :O)

saraeden said...

I just couldn't help myself and the fabric is so lovely !!!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

This sounds interesting, will keep my eyes on the blog!! We all lurrrvve new fabric!!

Happy blogging!

Sharon xx

Beaky said...

I will keep am eye out for that! How is the fabric condensing going? I have joined the crockery band wagon - what do you think?
Bonita x