Sunday, 18 January 2009

so much

for blogging everyday eh ?
As you can see the fistranator loves the quilt now if a can just get it back long enough to finish the binding !!
I love cats !!!!


Buffy said...

I couldn't eat a whole one though *snigger*

Seriously, my youngest DD is a cat fanatic! she's mad about cats to the extent of falling in the playground and crying out that she's hurt her "hind paw!" We can't have a cat though It so isn't fair to put a lovely relaxed bundle of joy in with 5 kids! and in a flat!

Hope puddy lets you get on soon
~Buffy x x

Josie-Mary said...

What a beauty!!! :)

LoloDesigns said...

Cats are just the best! I have 3 and one of them is trying to takeover my keyboard as we speak!! Now if that was another human there'd be hell to pay, but how can you be mad with cute furry things!!

Josie said...

awww, we are just getting used to having our 8 month old kitten around, just how do you get any sewing done? she is just so inquisitive near the sewing machine! and then she lies down and looks cute!
Josie x

mollycupcakes said...

Aww cats you've got to love them.
Don't they just get everywhere lol
Ours are normally under a bed somewhere or on top of a box. It's a cats life.

Drop me an email if you've posted something honey, because it's not arrived here. Hope you don't mind me asking about it, only I'd hte for it to be lost in the back of some postman's van lol Have you got our new address?
Let me know sweetie.
Catherine x