Sunday, 25 January 2009

flat batteries

mine and the camera !!

I think i am having those January blues , i have lots of things to do
work and home wise but i just feel fed up .
I have manged to sort out 2 yes 2 black bin liners of rubbish
and i have lost count of the recycling done .
I am still not in my workroom my home is a mess and its stressing me out a little

I shall loose myself in my sewing tomorrow ,
i can drift away for hours playing with scraps of fabric then hopefully i will
feel refreshed and ready to get on with it what ever it is this week !
I have lots of things to take photo's of but that will have to wait until the batteries charge .

These are the only photo's i managed to take
before that dreaded flashing battery sign ended my plans for today .

I have listed some things on etsy i do have more to go on as
i have decided to give all my shops a go and fill them up with pretty things
and not just work on the website .
My plan is to build up sales and then slowly direct more traffic to my website
and then see how that goes .

Dont forget to check out the tutorial
i will be doing another one this week so please do keep checking in x x


Rachel said...

Apparently Monday just gone was "Blue Monday" - so called because it is not quite payday but everyone has run out of money after being paid early before Christmas! So you're not alone - but I hope you feel better soon! Cute pouch, by the way.

LoloDesigns said...

Aah don't feel sad Jan is nearly over and the days are already noticeably longer ;o) I'm using the gloomy days to sort out my over stashed house!!

The sewing room said...

Hope you have a better week try little and often and a list ticking off even the smallest job makes a difference.
Best wishes Pat

KtShortcake said...

I felt exactly the same this weekend!! I've sorted out the studio and the lounge and made a start on the bedroom and kitchen!!! Feel so much better for doing it!! I was shocked at the amount I managed to chuck out though but the cleansing is good!!!! Good luck with getting motivated tomorrow! Kt-x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have been decluttering too, mind you my trip to the seaside yesterday, some retail therapy, and digging out all my stashes of art equipment that hasn't seen light of day in the last 3 years has really inspired me to get going....
Hope you feel brighter soon, and recharge those batteries!

X Alex

Em said...

I love your style! I wish you the best in sales, I too would love to have a roaring Etsy shop and website...... But baby 4 is due in March and it seems I am slowing down somewhat. How does one do it with 5 I wonder, have you not slept?

Buffy said...

Hugs Sara x x x

I am with you, we all went to my sisters this week end, the house is a tip! and I don't know where to start! I went next door to use her washing machine and it was so tidy I felt embarrassed! I don't know about you but my kids do very little to keep tidy!
When theres housework to be done on this level I feel very stressed out and miserable.

The pouch is so lovely x x I don't know how you stitch so tight and neat ! I try free stitching but is always a mess lol

Hope you feel better :)
~Buffy x x x x

i cant sew said...

january, blah! i am over it too. even after having 6 weeks off, having to go back to work is such a drag. i could be on holidays for eternity and still have heaps to do!!
great little bag you are clever.
%*_*% rosey

mollycupcakes said...

Those Jan blues get to us all don't they?
A spot of time in the back garden cleared mine today and then tiny cupcake kicked off again argh! Thank goodness for red wine, blogs and wedding plans lol
Good luck with all the stocking up honey, I'm sure it will all pay off.
I must take a leaf out of your book and open an Etsy shop, they are fab.
Big hugs,
Catherine x