Wednesday, 3 December 2008

we have heat !!

Some of you may know that my heating has been on the blink
well today the lovely heating man came and fixed it !!
It was a little traumatic believe me especially for little fistral who isn't keen on strangers
but it is so nice to feel the whole and i mean whole house warm up .. yay !!

I have to say it has happened just in time because this morning we woke to snow

So now i am going to have to panic sew for tonight as i have been asked to take some
of my things around to a lovely ladies house and hopefully they will love my things !!

must go know see ya later x x x


Miss sew n sew said...

It snowed here on Tuesday looks like were in for more snow tonight hope you have a successful evening and you sell lots!

saraeden said...

Cheers hun i had a brilliant night lots of lovely ladies to chat too as well as some really nice comments about my things !!

i cant sew said...

lucky the heat man came or your fingers would have been too frozen to work! my sister is in london at the moment, hope she isnt too cold. have a great day xxrosey

Chloe said...

Oooh I hope the lady liked your things!
And yey for heating. Now is not the time for heating to pack up!

maria said...

Hi, I "lost" your blog for a while but am glad to have "found" it again.
Our heating broke a few weeks ago and it was awful, we had no hot water either. Thankfully it is mended now though. I'm glad yours is mended. The snowy view looks beautiful.