Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Feelin like a pudding ...

Just a
quick hello to say i am up to my ears on felt and fabric
getting ready for my first Christmas fair of the season !!

I am at Peak School in the pretty little village of Chinley
and then i have a pamper evening
Saturday night
Yes 2 in 1 day ... arghhh !!!

So i thought i had better get a few Xmassy bits done
so here's a little pudding brooch

I am only making these for my fairs as a nice lickle extra

i used an old template i found from my card making days
mmmm may have to make a few xmassy cards as well

now where did my time machine go if i can go back a couple of days i can get so much more done


nimblejacks said...

are you stuffing them? Pardon the pun I made some and stuffed them and they've been really popular with my daughter and her friends.....oh for more time in the day, and a maid, and a chef oh and a gardener....

saraeden said...

Thanks honey , they are lightly stuffed and then i have added a few tiny stitches to give a bit of texture !!
I made some tree's as well i just need to add the tiny beads ;0)

Sara x

Oh and an driver would be nice too !!

Sarah said...

Love the xmas pudding they are so cute :D and great blog, mine is rubbish! lol need to update more!
Sarah x