Monday, 20 October 2008

Is it winter now ?

Brandon = Mum is it winter now ?
Me = Mmmm not really yet but it is mid October !
Brandon = Yeah but its dark when we get up and its cold and wet !

Well he's got a point , its horrid here today wet windy and cold !!
I do love winter up here as its a bit quieter people wise and its quiet dramatic with the wonderful skies and rolling hills but and this is a big but its too blooming dark to get any photo's done
just look at these .. there terrible !!

these little cuties are part of an order from last week
i hope they were ok ??

and these are something that may shock you

this is my new core product stock box
look see i said i could do it ;0)

We had a lovely day yesterday
we went to the Great Peak fair to have a look and see if we liked it enough to have a stand next year and well i was surprised how well i think we will fit in !!
I chatted to some people i new and they said go for it
I spoke to a lovely lady from the Leader + , she loved my things and said i should definitely
apply for next year
so next year we shall hopefully be at the Great Peak fair !!


Vanessa said...

The girl as come good at last!

Shock, horror is that spare stock I can see!

Keep focused your doing really well!

Vanessa x

nimblejacks said...

ah yes spare stock I never have any!! Finally this week I'm making spare which is great I've managed to stuff full my Etsy shop and supply my 2 local galleries Yay! All I need now is to make a necklace for me:D
Poo to the rain but yay for my logburner if it was hot I couldn't light it so on the plus of yicky wet and rainy weather is lovely toasty log fires, snuggles with the kids and hot chocolate. PS bought my first Xmas gift for my wee boy, I think i'm turning into my mum!!!

Rachel said...

What scrummy fabrics, your stock all looks gorgeous! :)

Buffy said...

I have tagged you! read Here to read what to do next.

I absolutely adore your choice in fabrics!

I would love to obtain some of the pink cat print fabric, as my youngest daughter is cat mad!

x x

Kirsty Fish x said...

I can't believe you have 5 kids!!
Iam in awe of you!
x x

The Birdwatcher said...

You should be at the GPF. In fact I was surprised that you were not there. I love winter especially lieing in bed and listening to the rain and the wind hammering against the windows