Monday, 8 September 2008

Mmmm no comment

Yes well i dont really want to talk about the craft fair
the weather was crappy and i think about 30 ish people visited so you can guess how good
my sales were ;0)
Anyway a few peeps took cards and i met some lovely crafters !!
Today i woke up in a mood ..... a tidy house mood
im fed up of it being a tip !!!!

I know the kids have been on holiday but my god do they have to make sooooo much blooming mess ?
I have sorted 2 bags of recycling 2 bags for the oxfam bin and 1 big bag to go to the charity shop plus a pile of new clothes to go on ebay on the next cheap listing day and believe me thats only the start of it ... next is my fabric piles !!
I have way to much much more than i care to admit but lets just say i have a lot
some will be going on etsy in the vintage section , some on ebay and lots to school for them to use !!

I still have the draw to do so if you still want to leave a comment there is still time
heres another i made for a special little girlie


fiveminutesmore said...

what a shame there were no customers , your stall looks great! Is that your daughter? Cute!!

Country Bliss said...

I think this awful weather has alot to answer for! The stall looked lovely though!

nimblejacks said...

Craft fairs oh yes, been there too I always wonder what on earth am I doing!!!! As for kdis mess hooray for school! I love them to bits but after getting lego jammed in my foot again I thought yep it's time for school. If you're hungry try out my muffin recipe they are sooo yummy.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh hun! So sorry it was so rubbish. The stall looks lovely

I had a cleaning mood yesterday only cleaning = bad mood for me. I have to be in a bad mood to do it. Hubbie moaned all of yesterday about the house been dirty and untidy. I got so riled I blitzed the kitchen totally. It's pristine now so noone is allowed to cook or anything, and I shall walk round with a halo (visible only to me) for about a week. :o)
Our front room is full to busting with stuff of mine and Evie's - some is on ebay already. Just want a dry weekend (HA!) so I can do a car boot.

maria said...

Your stall looks gorgeous.
I used to do craft fairs and have been in the same position. People don't know what they were missing, I bet they were all in tescos.
Also know what you mean about the mess, I cleared up a load of lego and power rangers from the lounge this morning!

Katy said...

I have sooo given up with craft fairs. very once in a while they are a lot of fun, but definitely not very often! Sorry you didn't do brilliantly.

Jackie said...

I'm with katy. I do a couple of really good ones and occasionally do others if I'm in the mood. I always want to clean and tidy afterwards though!

julia said...

We've all been there, and there is nothing more disappointing than standing there with no customers. We've always done well at posh school fetes, especially at Christmas, and sales in our own houses, which you obviously can't do too often. We have a summer and Christmas sale and they've always gone down really well.
I don't even know where to start with the cleaning in this house, so maybe I just won't bother!
Julia xx

saraeden said...

Thanks everyone and i think i will stick to my usual school fairs which i do great at from now on !!

mollycupcakes said...

Sorry honey-pie that the fair was a washout, better luck at the next one. X
Loving the cupcake.


Catherine x

Joanne said...

Your stall looks fabulous, I gave the craft fair thing ago a couple of years ago but got so dishearted when few people turned up I gave up.
Thanks for leaving a comment,I'm so looking forward to restyling my house and making it a home at the moment it's certainly more shabby than chic.
I can't wait to have a good look through your blog (so many blogs not enough time)

Petticoat Lane said...

That's such a shame about the fair. It all looked so lovely as well.
Good on you with the clear out, I've been telling myself that it has to be done for a month or so now, but decide it would be far nicer to sit and read blogs instead!!!!

All Things Bright & Beautiful said...

How I would love to win one of those. I make so may personalised textiles for others that it would be fab to have one made for me. I have had some pants fairs lately too!!

Miss sew n sew said...

Your stall looks fantastic what a shame it was quiet. Kids do make so much mess no matter how much I tidy up my house always looks untidy it drives me mad!

Lea said...

That's unfortunate honey :( Especially as your stall looked so beautiful. xx