Friday, 15 August 2008

reluctant model

I needed to take some nice photos of my bags today
ok simple you say with 2 girlies Ohhhhhh no it wasnt
one is too small and the other one just didnt want to ,
oh why do i have to , why does it have to be straight ,
im bored now how long are you going to be !!

At this stage i had only taken 2 photos !!!

So this is the bag im so pleased with and the wonderful photos modelled by my darling daughter
Can you tell she had had enough by this photo ??

I havent managed to sew anything else today
we have had developments in the secret news department
my goodness i cannot wait to tell you but im not allowed not just yet
but i still need to keep my fingers crossed ... just in case !!

I have mowed the garden which i had to do as the kidlets wanted the pool out
lets just say it took me longer to cut the grass and fill the pool than the time they have spent in it !!
i have 2 children less tonight so i may get a bit of sewing done .. hopefully you never know !!
I would like to get some more bags done i have one partly cut out and this is such a fun bag to put together , i have added pockets inside big huge pockets that you can get your head in nearly
ok you can get your hand in !!

im going to be blogging on the other blog next week
doing some features on the belles
if you would like to join us please let Vanessa or me know
we would love to have you !!

Dont forget the giveaway


Rachel said...

Love the bag! I've had my eye on that Park Slope fabric for a while too - was going to get navy but that pink is gorgeous too!

Country Bliss said...

Wow, you've been busy, just read through quite a few posts. The bag is really pretty.
Congratulations on your 300th post, that's a lot of posts! Love the quilt.

Petticoat Lane said...

Really pretty bag. I'm glad your kiddewinks got enjoy a sunny day in the garden for a change instead of all this rain! How on earth do you manage to fit everything in? I am full of admiration for you. Still waiting for the news......

Joanne said...

Hi, i'm Joanne i've come across your blog when visiting miss sew n sew's blog. How do you manage to get anything done with 5 kiddies to take care of. i'm jealous, you live in Derbyshire would love to live here had a weeks holiday there this year already booked up for next year 2 weeks and you've recently been to Cornwall another favourite of mine. I lived in Portloe for just over a year. Some time ago though. Any way love your blog and all your goddies.

Chloe said...

Oooh cant wait to hear your news!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Hiya hun. I'm in transit back from moist Cornwall (stopping at sis's in Brixham for weekend) but had to sneak on to the 'net for a quick peak at what's been happeneing in my abscence. Please can I play in the giveaway? That quilty thing is sooooo lovely.
I spotted your little flowery brooches in House of Bartlett btw.