Monday, 4 August 2008

insanity setting in yet

or better known as week 2 of the school hols !!
we have managed to get to this point with not many tantrums
ok i have to admit i have had a couple but no biggies !!

Eldest boy is much better .. thanks to all for the well wishes x x
the weekend was filled with fabric shopping ...
no surprise there then and shopping for pressies for the twinnies for us and a party and face painting for them !!

I have to say the fact the older ones have become part ferral helps and that we live were we do means lots of walks to chill everyone out !!

( heron by the reservoir )

We have also been looking into something new that will mean more work for me
but hopefully a better quality of life as family

i dont really have a photos to show you as my poor old camera hasnt left the house in a few days but this post is littered with some i took last week

so as usual i have list for the week and if i get 3 things ticked of it i will be impressed !!
my next post will be full of sewin for a change just for you that have got a bit bored with my family ramblings !!

Sara x

Oh forgot to say the hearts are starting to appear on etsy slowly with other new things this week


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Phew! Glad 'big one boy' is better. Not nice being that poorly.
I love those hearts. Are they felted or just thick woolly fabric? And what is the new venture? I'm intrigued...

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Just found your blog...It`s beautiful!
I`m going to add to my favorites...
You have left a comment on the Buttercup and Roses blog, about openning your own shop... I`m too doing that...
Actually I should be preparing (cleaning and priceing) items for my dream shop, that it`s closer to turn into reality!
Kisses Kisses

P.S - At the moment its
"Top Secret", just in case...
Please do not share this information.
And good luck with yours!

saraeden said...

Cheers hun !!
the hearts are from a blanket i hand felted , it took me hours and then in the end i boiled the thing in a pan .. the house smelled like wet sheep mmmm lovely !!!
The new venture is still a bit up in the air yet just need to get it sorted

All will be revealed soon =)

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

so glad your son is better, my mum had two kidney transplants so like you, if the word kidney is used by the doctor I go into panic mode! You have a busy week ahead of you....Claire x

Pipany said...

Glad he's on the up Sara. Lovely little hearts you have therexx

mollycupcakes said...

I'm so glad you're big is better now.
And thank you for your lovely kind comments. I'm doing ok hun.
Just knowing I have friends like you on here is a the biggest help to me.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Jackie said...

What a relief for you.
Seeing the Heron reminds me of a journey to Chatsworth along that road from Macclesfield with the River on the right. We saw a heron at every turn.
By the way, did you once promise a zip purse tutorial?
I need one!

saraeden said...

thanks all for the eldest boy wishes !!!

Zippy tut coming soon i had started it just before we lost the dog but didnt get around to finishing it so i will have to start again and hopefully finish it this time =)