Thursday, 7 August 2008

has anybody seen yesterday ?

Yep i have lost another day ... i did mean to blog but some how life got in the way !!

I did finally manage to send of some more of the swaps i have finally finished !!
They would have been on their way ages ago but me being me i had to re-do them as i wasn't happy with them !!

I would also like to say another huge big thanks to the lovely people i have swapped with !


and the lovely Katy who sent me this sooo very long ago and i know i have shown it before but its so nice its here again ...

i hope you like yours it should be there by the time you get back from your jollies

photos to follow ... getting moaned at for spending to much time on the puter !!

oh and my other post a short moan has vanished

Its their birthday today happy 10th birthday boys !!!

1 comment:

mollycupcakes said...

Happy birthday boys the bog 10 wow next one will be the big 13 argh!
Have a fabulous day
Miss Cupcakes x