Wednesday, 13 August 2008

happy again

yep i have had some sales ..
it has been a slow few weeks but then the summer hols usually are for me work wise !!

Well apart from the lovely lot of sales i had in St ives
if you do get down that way pop into the House of Bartlett
and say hello to Kay and maybe have a peak at what i make in the flesh as such !!

these are the little beauties

i have sold

i have also cut out some more of these as they went super well at the summer fair i did

i seem to make slight adjustments to each one i make
the straps have become a lot longer so they can be tied easily ,
the neck has changed shape a little !!!!

and did i say this i love this photo !!!

It reminds me so much of Cornwall and why i love being there
yes i know im going on again and i should be happy were i live and i am
it is an amazing place to live !!

Ive still not had any idea's on the giveaway yet !!!
Oh but wait
ok maybe a wall hanging quilty thing like i made for Jenny
( see earlier posts )
so yeah i think one of those but the with the winners name on it
hows that ?
All you have to do is leave me a comment


maria said...

Hi, I love the t-shirts.
Your give-away sounds lovely and very generous, a gift with the winners name sounds great.
I hope it's me!!!!

Chloe said...

Blimey, you've been busy!
I love the applique tshirts. My little girl has just looked at them and loves them!
The quilt is gorgeous too.

Jennifer Yellow-Hat said...

I love the little butterfly, the Cath Kidston fabric is so sweet!

fiveminutesmore said...

you've been a busy bee!!! well done on the 300 posts and the etsy feature :) a giveaway sounds great, I must do one soon! Just read you're replies to my tag :) I love the sea too but have to make do with sporadic visits! x