Sunday, 10 August 2008


heres some sewing i have done this week

this is for my very late swap with Jenny
i had started it ages ago but didnt like what i had done so started again and here it is
i do like it now !!

I really enjoyed putting Jennys name on it

and i love the cup on the little coaster

since finishing this set i have done some more
one for a very lovely person who has been very patient waiting for hers
i do hope she likes it !!

then i made one for a little persons birthday
one for a christmas present ( get me being organised )
and some for a craft fair i have booked in Sept !!
I still have lots of ideas for more yet and a new range of purses
new style bags !!

i have to go now as a small ginger kitten kept me awake most of the night
and im still a bit blurry eyed ;0)
if the little furry whirlwind keeps still long enough i will take some photos
of her as she has grown so much !!!


Jackie said...

It doesn't look to me like you are doing anything wrong!

Rachel said...

Love those, so simple and pretty!

PeggyCrafts said...

ahh, I love your quilt! I love gingham, cups of tea, and pastel colours, so I love everything about it!! teehee! Helen

jennyflower said...

Thank you Sara it makes me feel very special! Not very often anyone maks anythng for me so really precious. xxxx

Greedy Nan said...

wish my name was jenny and you'd sent them to my address by mistake!