Tuesday, 29 July 2008

i hope i dont shock you

but i have made a cake ... yep me Ms im not to domestic at all !!

there should be a cake photo here but the kidlets have eaten it !!
the cake not the photo !!

I would rather be sewing

but i have had visiting children today and yucky housework to do
which i still havent finished but ive had enough and im off to sew something pretty and flowery !!

We have a few birthdays coming up so i need to crack on with gift production
and bunting and party bag production for miss K !!

i will leave you for know with some sky / tree shots

i took on Saturday

i do love the way the 3 colours contrast against each other
the dark lush green the bright blue and white fluffy clouds

ahhhh fluffy clouds !!


Country Bliss said...

Stunning blue sky pity it hasn't lasted, not here in Cornwall anyway! The cake must have tasted good if they have eaten it all!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pics! What kind of cake was it? I always find it hard to remember to take a photo of any baking too - much too eager to start eating!!

saraeden said...

I have to say the cake was rather good .. it was chocolate with buttercream filling and buttercream on top with blueberries to finish ... yum !!