Wednesday, 23 July 2008

bunting !!

For a nice neat secure finish i make my bunting like this

first of all i cut out the flags and sew them up
press and turn them the right way and press again

sorry i dont have photos of this bit just yet but they will be here soon
then you need to cut the bias binding to the length you need

find the middle of your binding and then you can start to put your bunting together
leaving the same amount of space between each flag

you need to pin your flag to your binding like so

If you pin the top edge of your flag to the outside edge of the binding you can then fold the binding over but we will get to that in a mo !!

next you need to sew slowly along the line

this should be what you are left with ...

next to give a neat finish you need to snip off the thread ends and give it a good ironing
then you can fold the binding over like so

pin along the flag and all the way along the binding
you can also give your binding a quick iron to make it easier to sew
(but please be careful the iron is not to hot )

then sew all the way along keeping the line as straight as possible

and removing the pins as you go along ... i put in lots of pins so i have to sew slowly and then dont end up making a mess and having to unpick it all ;0)

so now you should have a lovely piece of bunting just snip the threads and away you go !!


Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing this.
I have wanted to have a go at making Bunting for a while now but never been 100% on how to do it.
Now I know!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Fab little tut. Did you polish your sewing machine before taking the pics? It looks very shiny :o)