Monday, 14 July 2008

290 something ...

Yep im getting near to the big 300 wow who'd of thunk it !!

Anyway im hoping to getting back to more regular posting
with photos and lots more !!
I have also decided to make some more changes and have added some new old things !
Years ago i made jewellery ,
it helped pay for my darling anglo arab and ex racehorse both who had suicidal tendencies either that our they just fancied our vet at the time !!
I still cannot help buying beads and do make a few necklaces to add to my stalls at fairs and some knitted necklaces are for sale in Cornwall too ,
i have decided to make a few certain designs to add a bit of bling to my website
I mean let face it who can resist a bit of scrummy jewellery ??

sorry the photos dont match anything i have written about today
the top one is super kitty aka Fistral
the second is of a summer bag i have listed on etsy !!
And the yummy fabric has just arrived today
all ready to be cut up into ... well im not sure yet
it may be headbands or purses ooooh purses that reminds me !!


Griffin said...

Coo! Gorgeous cat (I am a HUGE cat fan) and lovely fabrics too! I liked the one with roses on.

Fistral reminds me of our first cat - Possum. Same colours and similar face... utterly sweet!

300 isn't so bad... wait 'til you get hit by 450... that's when you practise lying about your age... not that I would do that being the 22 year old that I am...!

Chloe said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your jewellery.
I lurrrve jewellery and sparkles.

Jackie said...

I had no idea I was hobnobbing with a racehorse owner! (I thought it was a kitten)Pretty things.

pebbledash said...

Lovely fabric..and kitty pic. Adorable! And just dropping by to say hello. Hot and sunny here in lovely Cornwall! x