Saturday, 28 June 2008

what no seagulls

The final thing himself said to me last night before drifting off to sleep

If i dont hear seagulls arsing around on the roof in the morning i will be mightly pee'd off !!

and yep he was because there wasn't !!

we all ok maybe the adults and i use that term loosley in this house are feeling the post holiday blues

i have come back home to a pile of work and the only thing i can think of at the moment is that its 52 weeks exactly till we go again unless the government reduce fuel prices so that household bills go down and we finally find a bloody house we can afford !!!!

So today i will grumpily trudge round the supermarket , do some housework and make a start on the sewing .... i do have a load of stuff to post out so if your waiting for a package from me theres a fair chance its in the ever growing pile !!

have a great weekend x x


Pipany said...

Ooh you're back Sara and lots of lovely pics too. I'll have fun guessing where they all are! Glad you had such a great hol and sorry to hear you have the post hol blues. Hopefully the next 52 weeks will see you get your wish to move down here and then we can meet up! Happy birthday and happy engagement too xx

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Don't be sad. At least you have a like-minded other half who wants to move down there as much as you do... Mine wants to get the mortgage paid off first - in 2015!! OK it's not centuries away but even so.
Just make the most of the fact that at the moment you like seagulls on the roof. That'll be one of the first things to change. My sis detests them now - it's the squealing babies that drive her mad :o)

Jackie said...

Lucky you going to Cornwall(?) I love it and with all your kids it was probably a lot of fun!