Saturday, 3 May 2008

slap my wrists !!

Oh i have been a bad blogger !!
Im sorry for the lack of posts but i have had such a busy week
I have started my 10 week digital imaging and photography course
which i have to say is brilliant

While i was out and about taking some photos

This is Torr vale mill
I love old mill buildings
I was so excited ( yes i know .. sad )
when the kidlets did about the Victorians and mill working conditions

I took this

This man had jumped over a wall to get his ball back
below him is a big drop to a railway line and then an even bigger drop to the valley below

I have also been sewing and trying to get my stock levels up for the summer fairs

this is now a little purse
i am also doing a larger one for t-shirts

I am sewing like a mad thing as
well as having a big spring clean and getting unwanted
stuff on ebay !!

I am hoping to get lots of summer bags and purses and other nice things listed in my ebay shop
im working on filling each place up for summer
ebay seemed a good place to start !!

Anyway its gone lunchtime and im still in my jammys
i have been busy tidying up ;0)

Were off to enjoy some of the sunshine
lets hope its not like last Sunday when we were
stuck out in a big thunderstorm with the kidlets and no flipping coats !!

Sara x


Miss sew n sew said...

Is that Cromford I'm sure I've been there? Your course sounds good glad you enjoying it. I know your very busy but would you mind looking at my last post and giving me your opinion. I hope the weather stays nice and you have a good weekend enjoy!

Miss sew n sew said...

Me again thanks for leaving me a comment I'm having problems accessing my emails at the moment keeps saying error so if you've emailed me I'm not being ignorant I'm getting really frustrated with it arrh!! Hope it sorts itself out soon!x