Saturday, 31 May 2008

I made it back

In one piece ... my bank card is a little shaky but i survived !!

We managed to get
  1. a pair of nice trainers = thrilled twin 1
  2. me some jeans .. normally a nightmare as i am really fussy about jeans
  3. boys boardshorts = happy twin1 again
  4. 2 saltrock t-shirts = happy boys
  5. a roxy t-shirt = happyish Shezzie
  6. a stripey dress = not to impressed Kitts ... she wanted lots of things but none were in her size , so Mummy promised to sew some skirts for her !!
  7. some pots for my buttons
  8. pretty teatowels
oooooh and i treated myself to a wonderful book
all that and with a very painful and dodgy eye ... photos tomorrow !!

I have also started work on the zippy purse tutorial
just the photos to do !!
Its just taking a little time with only being able to see out of one eye ;0)


Vanessa said...

Glad you came back alive!

I bet it's raining where you are!


Jackie said...

I'm looking forward to your zippy purse tutorial. I have no end of trouble with zips in purses. I followed a tutorial which I bookmarked on my laptop(See blog for news on that) very straightforward but didn't say where you put the sides of the zip when you sew it all together. (I think you'd need to see it!)

jennyflower said...

Pretty tea towels huh?! I am undecided on colour theme for your swap goodies. If you want to give me some guidance please do, otherwise I shall go with the advocado and beetroot!

jennyflower said...

Sounds very classy.....will try to resist the temptation to add a dash of glitter and some orange spandex...promise! My kitchen is pretty neutral, cream, slate, blue/grey, light wood. The only accesories are also duck egg blue. (just realising what a tricky little colour that can be! May have to go out nest raiding tomorrow!)

Pipany said...

Golly Sara, I didn't realise I had been away from the blogs for so long! You are such a busy girl you put me to shame. I have lost my sewing (or any form of work!) mojo lately and perhaps I need to get going on the lists too xx