Sunday, 4 May 2008

A bit bus like !!

No thats no a reference to my shape !!

I mean the posts .. none for a few days and then loads !!

So you have seen my cat .. the next one is on the production line with pupils ;0)
I have a few dilemmas ... my god im a drama queen !!

Anyway before i get side tracked
I like to sew in black thread but im a bit worried it may run if washed on a hot wash ?
Im not to happy with the actual t-shirt quality call me a snob if you like
but i like good thick t-shirts !!
Not saying these are crappy t-shirts i just wish they were a bit thicker

This is the first car ( see what i mean about the light )
i have another one which is more beetle like a bit more car and a bit curvier
and some other designs waiting to be finished !!

The next lot will be done on either Next or M&S t-shirts
but again theres another problem will people pay more for a better quality t-shirt ??

I would take photos of what i have made today ...
imagine a big beetle
car that is but the light is ..... well actually there isnt any !!!

update #

Ive been thinking about a price for these t-shirts
i think the ones i have made so far
there are 5 of them altogether
will be 6.00 each including postage to the UK or
as i would list it in my ebay shop 4.75 with 1.25 p+p !!!

Oh how i hate pricing things
why is it such a difficult thing to do ??

arghhh .. im off for a cup of green tea
back soon !!


Lea said...

Aww thank you for such a lovely comment (or two lol) But you never said how much your t-shirts were :( I want one!! hehe.

Lea x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who waffles and goes off at a tangent in her blog... ;0)
Am intrigued by Beetle - I used to have one 'til kiddie came along. Think people would pay more for better quality. It's kind of what you expect from handmade stuff - good quality that costs a bit more. When you've spent the time appique-ing a design and charged to reflect this the customer isn't going to want to feel that the shirt will go to holes after 2 washes. (See what i mean about waffle... hehe)

Pipany said...

Lor I am so behind with blog reading - saw on another that you are on your way to Cornwall (probably here now) - isn't the weather great here? Hope you have a fab time xx

saraeden said...

Not on our way yet , another few weeks yet !! sorry my blog posts dont always make any sense ;0)

Sara x