Friday, 4 April 2008

Here we go !!!

Yes its the day you can now go and have a look at

Northern belles blog

Its still got to be tweaked and messed about with !!

What we want most of all is your feedback !!!!

We would like as much information as you can give us after all
its for you all too !!!

This new blog is not about Vanessa and I ,
its for all of us to use even if your not from the North please to pop along for a look-see !!!

So if you think of something you would like to add
but your not sure just ask one of us !!

We will be adding lots of stuff and a flickr group ( as soon as i get a spare 5 mins !!)

So please go have a look

Sara x

1 comment:

FormerBlonde said...

Hi sara
thanks so much for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment
nice to see another northern lady, and I so miss being by the sea
am from Hull orig, and so spent my childhood in Brid and Scarborough

will pop back regularly, and will be adding you as a blog I like to visit

thanks again
Joanne xx