Wednesday, 12 March 2008

sorry !!

so heres one

and this is another

and now i cannot get anymore to load up
these took forever to load
i will try the others in a bit

so let say a final cut off for the giveaway on Friday night

i have some orders and big piles of things to get sent out by
Friday and i really need to get on with them !!

plus it gives you even more time to get leaving me a comment !!

i hope everyone is ok and nice and safe in this terrible weather
it is of course very windy here as always !!!

Sara x

Oh and a biggy
my darling eldest girlie is 13 tomorrow !!!!



Summer by the sea said...

I had real problems on Sunday loading photos up - it took me about an hour to load 3 pics - hope you get it sorted soon!
Natalie x

Kerry said...

Your parcels look fab! Loading photos can be a real pain. Hopefully you'll be ok next time.

dottydesigns said...

Happy Birthday to your big girl, hope she has a fabulous day, good luck with your other stuff too, x

Made By Claire said...

These look great. Some one will be very lucky. Happy Birthday to Shezzie.