Saturday, 15 March 2008

slapped wrist award

yes thats what im awarding myself !!

I have to say sorry for the lack of decent blogging this week
but i have been sooooo busy and unfortunately
work has to come first !!

Heres one of the giveaway packages

the winner is Monda

and heres another

the winner is pretty shabby

and another

the winner is Kerry

and one more

the winner is serendipityloves new york

and finally

the winner is dotty designs

so there you go 5 little packages ok 4 little packages and one purse !!!

so because ive been so crappy at this ,
this week you can have a little bit longer !!
Plus i have four bunnies that i need to get finished tonight
and i really shouldnt be sat here right now ;0)

So i will do the draw when i have finished my sewing tonight

Sara x


Vanessa said...

Glad to see your doing some work at last, I will keep my eye out tonight for the draw!

Got to say I have not done one bit of sewing yet, I've been busy watching Rugby all day!

saraeden said...

I have sewn the same pair of ears in 3 times now .. Arghhhhh !!!!

Sat un picking again while doin a little bloggin !!!

dottydesigns said...

I hate unpicking stuff, the giveaways look good. I don't know where the time goes either. keep sewing. x

Crafty B said...

Lovely looking parcels - keeping my fingers crossed!
My blog has taken itself on holiday I think, it's been so badly left alone lately!!

Blossom said...

mmmmmmmm some lovely looking goodies.....

I know.I need to get my act together too.LOL

Made By Claire said...

They all look so great, good luck every one