Saturday, 1 March 2008

March already ...

So its the first day of March
im still a little bit shocked by yesterday ... in a good way !!
I had'nt planed to ask Chris
it really did come out of the blue
infact the one show is to blame ... it said about the 29th and women asking men and i just
asked him !!!

anyway im trying not to keep going on about it to much
i dont want to scare the poor man to death !!!

I have been taking and putting some new photos here there and everywhere !
I love the clarity of the shots im in awe of my new camera !!

I cannot get over the clearness and the detail i now get
im trying not to go on about the camera but sorry i just cannot help it !!

So what else did we do today well we all went for a walk including my rather nutty dog who barks at everyone
not nastily but as if to say this is my family dont come to close
oh and she rounds us up if we stray to far from her
Yes it really is embarrassing
oh and the new camera came too ... of course !!

This is were we went its called fernilee reservoir

and of course there will be lots of arty shots to come in the next few months !!!


A huge big thank you for all the lovely comments
you are all so very kind
x x x x

1 comment:

Katy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Well done you for popping the big Q

(Your new camera is taking some rather lovely pics)