Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hey up !!

I have edited this post

I know lots of others having a problem with people copying their things
Lucykatecrafts is one who has had her gorgeous owls copied


Made By Claire said...

I am sorry that you have to put up with this. I have had some one copy some thing of me. They only did it once and didn't blog about it (I think maybe because they know I read) but I feel that you know that its your design and no-one elses and people know who you are and what you do is better because its yours. So kick their butts and get them thrown of ebay.

prettyshabby said...

Ive just been reading the links to other blogs that have had work copied,i missed reading yours before it was edited but presume it has happened to you too.I had this with ebay someone stole my listing design and exact words, i was gutted it made me shake and feel sick, when I confronted her she had the cheek to say I had copied her, even though my item was on 3 days before hers! She did change it in the end but ebay did nothing..I no longer sell on there! Horrid sad people!
I think your items are lovely and wish you lots of luck with your sales!