Friday, 28 March 2008

dipping my toe

Back in the water !!
I had planned a longer blogging break what with work ,
other commitments and
of course the Easter weekend thingy !!!

Because of this time away from my blog ,
I have been doing other stuff and
some of you may have noticed Vanessa and I
have been busy working on our new idea ...
sorry you cannot see it yet !!

I have managed a bit of sewing not
as much as i had hoped to get done
i have been working on something i blogged about ages ago involving a little sketch artist
I know ...
like many of you im sure you have this unused talent in your very own home !!!

I say tap into it and that way you know you are working with an original !!
and also encouraging young new talent to
express themselves and hopefully develop a life-long love of textiles !!

Especially as sewing is hardly taught in school anymore !!

this is Ms Kitty-Edens Birdy


Meanwhile back at the castle !!!

We are having some fun finding lots of info that we hope you will find useful
and im off on a reckie to see what else i can find out with my two big girls tomorrow .

Im also taking a certain bunny with me so i can get some nice photos
to show you all !!!
We may do a little touristy / crafty day trip photo thingy !!!


oh and i must say
a big thank you to you all again x x x


boring bit coming up feel free to glaze over ....
Kittys drawings are her own work please dont copy them
cheers me ducks !!!


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Hope all goes well, best wishes, Stephanie

Miles Away In France said...

great to see someone passing on their sewing skills.

Racheal x

LYNS said...

where would i start if i wanted to start sewing? I am CLUELESS!! LOL! x