Friday, 1 February 2008

Tick ....

Getting some jobs ticked off the list !!!

Added a few things to the website
this purse is made from some of my new Japanese fabric
and im thinking of making another one for me !!

I have been told i must get ones finger out this month or i will end up behind for the rest of the year !!
So this weekend is going to be filled with getting Jonesy fixed and
then loads and loads of sewing !!

Hopefully it will a good weekend to get out and take some photos


mollycupcakes said...

Poor Jonesy is he still sick?
Hope you get him sorted and do lots of sewing. Don't forget he tea and cakes stops lol
Have a nice time.

Catherine x

Vanessa said...

I am glad you have put my advice down in words as this means I have evidence that you said you will do it!

Ha Ha Ha