Wednesday, 20 February 2008

shhh ....

Can you hear the quiet ??
At last my lovely little gremlins have been quiet all morning
Well quieter than yesterday !!

Im sewing so that shows im feeling better ... it has taken forever to feel well enough to sew !!
I have sooo much to catch up with , its nearly Mothers day and i should be sewing little bags and brooches like a mad thing !! I have got some for sale on Ebay !!

I do hate having to sell them on Ebay ( the fees , the low price you get sometimes ) but it does get me lots of repeat orders and it is away to get people to buy my things without having to go out and sell too much wholesale !!
I do enjoy seeing my things in shops but sometimes selling direct (ebay and etsy ) does mean a little bit more in my pocket .... i suppose the hope that one day we will get the little shop we both would like keeps us going !!
But that will all have to wait until we have moved .... trying to find a nice house 312 miles away is hard enough ;0)

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