Thursday, 28 February 2008

no more blurry

photos .... Yay !!!!!!!

So what do you think ??

We had a great day out today a bit of shopping
i found a great fabric place called Abakhan in Manchester
OMG it was full of all kinds of fabric .... i shall be going back again real soon !!
Oh sorry i should of said i got some pretty fabric
we went for a walk round Manchester
but it was soon time to get the train home again
The trip home is such a contrast from a busy city and heading of up into the hills and home

off to package some more of those flowers to send out in the morning !!!


Vanessa said...

The quality of the photo's are great! We will now beable to pick spots off of your work (your ocd tendancies might take a battering).

Glad you had a nice day in sunny Manchester.

mollycupcakes said...

Great photos honey, very clear.
Lucky you finding a new fabric shop you sounded like a kid in a sweetie shop lol

Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine x

rachelle said...

Been wanting to go to Abakhan for ages now I will have to go!!! Love your blog by the way Rx