Thursday, 7 February 2008

just sewing

or at least trying to !!

Why when you need to get on with it do you end up not getting much done ??

Me i end up doing a bit of research ok yes that means looking at yummy stuff for sale on etsy !!
then theres sorting out fabrics or in my case trying to find a tiny scrap of fabric in my ever growing fabric stash !!

So yes i finally got some sewing done

some purses and a make up bag and pencil case !!

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mollycupcakes said...

Looking forward to seeing what you've made honey.
That naughty Etsy, it's not good for us work at home ladies lol
You say to yourself right I'll just have a little look and 3 hours later your basket is full and it's lunch time hehe! god bless all the other crafters, they are doing a great job. I get very inspired when looking on there, I'm sure your the same.
Have a nice Friday and yeay! it's nearly the weekend.

Catherine x